Sunday, April 26, 2015

Present Continuous for Future Arrangements: What is my schedule?

(TESOL Worksheets--Present Continuous for Future Arrangements)
PowerPoint (drive, slides, pub), Worksheet (drive, docs, pub)
[This is another activity which uses an invented schedule to illustrate the use of present continuous for future arrangements.  It's similar to the previous activity I posted, but in this activity I first show the students my own schedule on the powerpoint, and then they write down their own versions.  (The examples on the powerpoint are intentionally ridiculous in order to encourage students to be creative in making their own schedules.)  Afterwards, I collect the students' schedules, and divide the class into two teams.  I select an entry at random from one of the students' schedules, and read it to the other team without saying whose schedule it is.  The other team has to try to guess whose schedule it is.  They get one point for each correct guess.]

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
What is your schedule for this week?  Write your schedule using the present continuous for future use.


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