Monday, April 27, 2015

Adverb Quiz

(TESOL Worksheets--Adverbs)
PowerPoint (drive, slides, pub), Printable sheets here (drive, docs, pub)
[At the Google Docs link above, and embedded below, is a PowerPoint presentation containing a series of pictures meant to elicit the adverbs: slowly, quickly, loudly, quietly.  4 pictures are also on a Microsoft word document.  I print out the Microsoft word documents, and paste the 4 pictures on each of the 4 walls around the room.  Then, the students are shown the various pictures, and have to decide which of the 4 adverbs these pictures represent.  They then run to that picture.
With the pictures on the Microsoft word document, I've also used them for a "swat" game. The students are in two teams.  One person from each team is given a fly swatter.  I call out one of the adverbs, and the students have to swat the corresponding picture.  The first person to hit the picture gets one point for their team.
This is designed for very young students who are beginners.  None of the images are mine, but all are taken from a search of google images.]

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