Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Passive Forms Crossword Puzzle--Present Simple

[This is supposed to be a crossword puzzle.  Unfortunately blogger formatting can't handle a crossword puzzle.  So I'm just going to post the questions and answers here.  To make it into a crossword, go to a free crossword puzzle maker site, like Amored Penguin.  These questions are for young learners to teach them the difference between past simple and past continuous.  The answers are in the []brackets. This crossword puzzle is designed for younger learners, to make them focus on the form of the passive in the singular and plural and present tense.]

I drink milk. Milk _______ by me [is drunk]
I drink 2 glasses of milk.  2 glasses of milk ________ by me. [are drunk]
The cat catches the mouse.  The mouse ________ by the cat. [is caught]
The cat catches 2 mice.  2 mice __________ by the cat. [are caught]
I drive a car.  A car ______________ by me. [is driven]
I drive 2 cars.  2 cars _____________ by me [are driven]
I eat a hamburger.  A hamburger _______________ by me. [is eaten]
I eat 2 hamburgers.  2 hamburgers _________ by me. [are eaten]
I kick the ball.  The ball___________ by me.  [is kicked]
I kick 2 balls.  2 balls __________ by me.  [are kicked]

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