Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will for Making Offers: Find Your Partner

(TESOL Worksheets--Will)
Google: drive, docs, pub
[Students have to find a partner with the matching sentence.]

I'm thirsty.
I'll get you a glass of water.
I'm hot.
I'll turn on the air conditioner.
I'm cold.
I'll get you a sweater.
I feel sick.
I'll get some medicine for you.
My car is broken.
I'll drive you to work.
I'm bored.
I'll switch on the TV.
I'm out of money.
I'll lend you some money.
My bicycle is broken.
I'll fix your bike for you.
I've lost my phone.
I'll help you look for it.
It's too noisy in here.
I'll turn off the TV.
There are too many mosquitoes.
I'll get the bug spray.

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