Thursday, May 08, 2014

Past Form Verb Names: Memory Game

(TESOL Worksheets--Past Forms General)
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[Another activity to focus on metalanguage for past forms.This is designed to work as a memory game.  Just like in the normal memory card game, all the cards are face down on the desk, and the students take turn turning over cards to try and make a matching pair.]

Past Simple
Past Perfect Passive
Had + been + V3
Present Perfect
Have + V3
Past Continuous Passive
Was + being + V3
Past Perfect
Had + V3
Present Perfect Continuous
Have + been + Ving
Past Continuous
Was + Ving
Past Perfect Continuous
Had + been + Ving
Past Simple Passive
Was + V3
Present Perfect Continuous Passive
Has + been + being + V3
Present Perfect Passive
Has + been+ V3
Past Perfect Continuous Passive
Had + been + being + V3

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