Monday, December 04, 2017

Relative Clauses Scrambled Sentences 2

(TESOL Worksheets--Relative Clauses)
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[I already have one worksheet for relative clause scrambled sentences, but I wanted to create a new one for relative clauses inside the main sentence. 
There are numerous ways this could be used.  Students could arrange the sentences in groups.  Or you could do it as a whole class "find your partner" activity (in which the students have to find 2 partners instead of 1 to make a group of 3).
In my class I did this as a "Falling Leaves" game.  I used colored paper, and had 5 teams--white, pink. blue, green, yellow.  I cut up the cards, put them all together, and then threw them into the air.  As the cards floated down, the students grabbed the cards for their color.  Then, once they had collected all the cards for their color group, in their groups they assembled the sentences.
In my classes, I used this for English World 5 unit 6.]

The dog
which bit me
had sharp teeth
The girl
who I love
has long hair
The school
where I study
has many teachers
The pizza
that I ate
was very delicious
The man
who teaches me
is very fat
The shirt
that I am wearing
is purple

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