Monday, July 07, 2014

Present Perfect Form

(TESOL Worksheet--Present Perfect)
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[This is a worksheet I made up when my co-teacher told me that the young learners were having trouble with the form of the present perfect.  This worksheet is made specifically to drill them on the form.  I also made up the irregular verb crossword puzzle for to drill the same class on the form of V3.  I did the crossword puzzle first, and then used this sheet to follow it up.]

Present Perfect

We use have for:
I have
You have
We have
They have
more than one person or thing
The students have,  John and Jane have, The dogs have, People have, Animals have

We use has for
He has
She has
It has
one person or thing
The student has,  John has, The dog has, That person has

Write in the correct form of the present perfect for the exercises below:

1. He ________________________________all the donuts. (eat)

2.I  ________________________________ too much. (drink)

3. Tom ________________________________ English for six years.(study)

4. Jane ________________________________ me. (leave)

5. We ________________________________ to go home. (decide)

6. Your mother and I ________________________________  it over and made a decision. (talk)

7. You ________________________________ too much coffee for one day. (have)

8. You and I ________________________________ about this too many times.  (fight)

9. The dog ________________________________ all night long. (bark)

10. The dogs ________________________________  away.  (run)

11.  The cat ________________________________  me for the last time. (scratch)

12.  We ________________________________ here before. (walk)


1. He has eaten

2. I have drunk

3. Tom has studied

4.  Jane has left

5.  We have decided

6.  You mother and I have talked

7.  You have had

8. You and I have fought

9. The dog has barked

10.  The dogs have run

11.  The cat has scratched

12. We have walked

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