Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Questions: Matching Words

(TESOL Worksheets--How Questions)
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[This is an old worksheet I had saved on USB from several years ago.  I am fairly sure it is one of my own creations, but the possibility exists it could have been an exercise from a textbook that I adopted.  If it turns out this wasn't my own worksheet, I apologize.]

far         fast        long            many        much          often        old              well

1).  How______  do you take the bus?
2).  How ______ did it take you to get to class today?
3).  How______ brothers and sisters do you have?
4).  How______ water do you drink everyday?
5).  How ______ is it from your place to the nearest beach?
6).  How ______ can you run?
7).  How ______ is the oldest living person in your family?
8).  How ______ do you know your neighbours?

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