Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Human Bingo With Feel

(TESOL Worksheets--Vocabulary)

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This is a Human Bingo game designed to practice 4 different meanings of the word "feel".  (to give an opinion, to talk about an emotion, to talk about physical illness, to talk about wanting to do something)  It was used to supplement Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook lesson 1C Health and Happiness p.14-15

feel sick
feel like getting coffee after class
feel like not going to work/school tomorrow
feel that Facebook is a waste of time
feel heartbroken
feel like going to bed right now
feel that there is too much traffic in this city
feel that dogs make better pets than cats
feel that there is too much homework in this class
feel like watching a movie tonight
feel that pollution is a big problem
feel hungry
feel like partying all night long
feel like eating pizza right now
feel in love
feel like going on a vacation
feel thirsty
feel angry
feel that this city is too noisy
feel tired
feel happy
feel sleepy
feel that they spend too much time working/studying
feel sad

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