Thursday, February 09, 2017

Life Pre-Intermediate: Unit 5 The Environment

(Supplemental Materials for Specific Textbooks--Life Pre-Intermediate)

I used this as a project to supplement Unit 5 (which is about The Environment)

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The Environment
With your group, decide on one thing you can do to help the environment.
Then go out and do it.
Then report back to the class and give a presentation on:
  • What you did
  • Why you did it
  • And how you felt about the experience

Possible things you can do to help the environment:
  • Walk to work/school for one week instead of driving
  • Take public transportation for one week instead of driving
  • Ride a bicycle for one week instead of driving
  • Don’t use the air-conditioner for one week
  • Don’t use the television for one week
  • Eat vegetarian for one week
  • Recycle all your rubbish
  • Volunteer to help clean up the streets/parks/rivers in your city
  • Volunteer at a recycling center
  • Make a newsletter to educate your friends about the environment, and then hand it out to your friends
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator for one week
  • Don’t take a shower or bath for one week
  • Or your own ideas

Group Plan

Decide on a group name:

Who are the members in your group?

How will you contact each other outside of class?

What is your idea for helping the environment?

When is the presentation due?

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