Tuesday, February 28, 2017

English World 4 Unit 5 Speaking p.59

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--English World 4)

Vocabulary: slides, pub
Vocabulary Worksheet: docs, pub
Review Vocabulary: slides, pub
Board Race Questions: slides, pub

began, begin, certainly, disaster, fall off, fell off, loud, kindergarten, on time, perform, performed, programme, rehearsal, switch on, switched on, terrible, total

Match the words to the definitions

1. to start:_____________________________

2. really, surely:_____________________________

3. everything together:_____________________________

4. the class for the youngest children in school:_____________________________

5. fall off (V2):_____________________________

6. to fall from a place:_____________________________

7. perform (V2):_____________________________

8. at the correct time:_____________________________

9. switch on (V2):_____________________________

10. very bad:_____________________________

11. to make something start working:_____________________________

12. a small booklet that tells people about a show:_____________________________

13. making a lot of sound:_____________________________

14. practice for a play or concert:_____________________________

15. to act:_____________________________

16. something terrible that happens:_____________________________

17. begin (V2):_____________________________

Match the words to the sentences

18. You may _____________________________your homework now.

19. The sky is black.  It’s  _____________________________going to rain.

20. The children in the _____________________________are learning colors.

21. You are late.  You must come to school _____________________________.

22. The Great Fire of London was a  _____________________________ for many people.

23. Ben _____________________________ his chair.

24. My dad has a very _____________________________voice.

25. The names of the actors are in the   _____________________________.

26. The children  _____________________________Red Riding Hood in the theatre.

27. The children had lots of   _____________________________s for the play.

28. The  _____________________________ cost of our ticket was ten pounds.

29. It’s dark now.  Please  _____________________________the lights.

30. Ben woke up because he had a _____________________________ dream.

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