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IELTS Express Upper Intermediate Unit 7: Speaking p.81-83

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Upper Intermediate)

Board Race: drive, docs, pub
PowerPoint for feedback on Board Race: drive, slides, pub
Speaking p.81-83 PowerPoint: drive, slides, pub
Speaking practice: drive, slides, pub

Board Race.  There are 10 questions.  All of the questions are from pages 81, 82, and 83.  Work as a team to find the answers in your book.  Then write the answer on the board.  Only one team member may go up to the board at a time.  You may not bring this piece of paper or your textbook with you to the board.  The first team to get the correct answers to all 10 questions up on the board will get a prize.
1.  In part 3, the examiner will ask you different types of questions, designed to test your __________________ further.  For example, you may be questioned about an imaginary situation, requiring you to _________________.  Alternatively, you may be asked to ________________ something.
2. How long does the discussion in part 3 last?
3.  In part 2 of the Speaking exam, your talk will sound more interesting if you can “see” what you are describing and explaining.  ______________ is a useful technique for doing this.
4. In part 2, some students have trouble extending their answers for the whole 1-2 minutes.  So, remember to ________ and ___________.  When you _________, you should go into more __________ and give a longer answer.
5.  In part 3, introduce your opinions using a variety of language.  Don’t just say “I think”.  Also make sure you use phrases like _____________ and ________________.
6. TRUE or FALSE: Without a teacher to give you feedback, it’s useless to practice Speaking part 2 on your own.  So don’t even try to do it with your friends, or on your own, or in front of a mirror.  You’re just wasting your time.
7. For part 3, you should justify your opinion.  Say ____________________ and ____________________.
8. Introduce your answer confidently.  The first two or three seconds are ________________________ .
9. Before speaking part 2, make brief notes on each point on the card.  You should include _________________ and ________________ and _________________ to jog your memory in case you get stuck.
10. For part 3, say ______ and __________ to show the examiner that you are thinking, but don’t ________________________.
Answer Key.
1. range of language, hypothesise, evaluate
2. between four and five minutes
3. visualisation
4. describe, explain, explain, depth
5. In my opinion, I believe
6. False
7. what you think, why you think it
8. the most crucial
9. keywords, expressions, prompt words
10. OK, well, wait too long before you speak

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