Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Human Bingo With Take

(TESOL Worksheets--Vocabulary)

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This is a human bingo game with the word "Take".  The purpose is to explore many of the different meanings that "take" uses.  In my class, I used this to substitute the lesson on take from the Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook lesson 5C A Boat Mad of Bottles p. 62-63
The rules follow the standard rules for human bingo.  All the statements are in the format of "Find Someone Who..."--i.e. all the statements are in the 3rd person singular and will need to be changed into 2nd person singular questions during the game.

took a walk yesterday
has taken time off from work/school recently
took a bath yesterday
took a photo yesterday
takes care to always do their homework
often takes the bus
takes a walk every day
usually takes a shower at night
took an exam this week
took medicine last week
takes good care of their teeth
has taken a plane before
takes a long time to get ready in the morning
took a wrong turn this week
takes time to exercise every day
took their mobile phone to class today
took an elevator today
will take a trip this month
took a friend out for dinner last week
took a taxi this week
takes sugar with their coffee
took the stairs today
needs to take lots of breaks when working/studying
took money out of the bank yesterday

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