Saturday, February 18, 2017

IELTS Express Upper Intermediate Unit 7: Reading p.76-80

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Upper Intermediate)

Treasure Hunt p. 76-80: drive, docs, pub
Feedback to Treasure Hunt on PowerPoint: drive, slides, pub
PowerPoint for p.76-80: drive, slides, pub

1. For an answer to be “False”, the information stated must _______________________.
2. “Not given” statements refer to information in the text, but ______________________.
3. There are two types of multiple choice questions.  What are they?
4. Some reading module tasks test your ability to do what?
5. What two questions do you need to ask yourself for multiple choice questions with multiple answers?
6. Which question will sometimes be a global question?
7. What does a global question test?
8. For multiple choice with multiple options, the questions will follow the same order as the relevant information in the text.  How can you use this?
9. True or False: Multiple choice questions with single answer questions may require you to analyse very complex information, so you should read the relevant sections of the text very carefully.
10. How many marks do you get for multiple choice questions with multiple answers?

Treasure Hunt  
The teacher has hidden 10 questions.  See if you can find and answer the questions.  The first team to finish will get a prize.
All the questions come from pages 76, 77, 78, 79 and 80 of your textbook, so make sure you take your textbooks with you.  The answers to some questions may be the same.

1. ____________________________________________________________________________


3. _____________________________________________________________________________


4. _____________________________________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________________________________


6. ._____________________________________________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________________________________________

10. _____________________________________________________________________________
1. make the statement incorrect
2. do not show the statement to be true or false
3. multiple choice questions with multiple answers and multiple choice questions with single answers
4. to follow the argument of a text and understand the author’s opinion in depth
5. Is it true according to the text? Does it answer the question?
6. the final [multiple choice] question in the section
7. your understanding of the whole text
8. use this to find your way around the text
10. It depends.  Sometimes this question type carries a mark for each correct option, but other times only one mark for the whole task.  

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