Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reported Speech Memory Game

(TESOL Worksheets--Reported Speech)
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[Below is the cheat-sheet for the teacher.  The students see only the numbers (and not the sentences) written on the board.  The class is divided into two teams.  The teams choose numbers.  The teacher reads the sentence corresponding to each number.  The teams have to match find two matching sentences--sentences where the reported speech corresponds to the direct speech.
This is an activity that requires no production on the part of the students, but is based on the theory that repeated exposure to the input is of some value.  It can also be changed slightly to require the students to produce the reported speech after being supplied with the direct speech to get a full point.]

1. I like chocolate.
2. Do you like jazz?
3. She asked me what I was eating.
4. He said that she had played soccer.
5. Shut the door.
6. He told me not to look at him.
7. I have been to China.
8. He is running.
9. He asked me if I liked jazz.
10. He told me to shut the door.
11. He said that he liked chocolate.
12. She said that he was running.
13. Don't look at me.
14. She played soccer.
15. He said he had been to China.
16. What are you eating?

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