Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fortune Cards--Will For Future Prediction

(TESOL Worksheets--Will)
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[Use for practicing "will" for future predictions.  Students are put with a partner, and given a set of fortune telling cards.  From the 12 cards, they select 3, which are their fortune.  Then, they are given blank cards in which they write future predictions using "will".  Their partner tells their fortune for them by selecting 3 cards.  (In my class, I had the students make their own fortune cards, and then hand them over to their partner, just to ensure their partner wouldn't give them an inappropriate fortune, as it was a young learners class.  For classes you trust more, you could have the partner make the cards and tell the fortune for the other student.]

You will have a long life.
You will have a big family.
You will find true love.
You will have a happy life.
You will be rich.
You will be famous.
You will travel the world.
You will live in a big house.
You will write a book.
You will do well at school.
You will be lucky in business.
You will do well at sports.

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