Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gerund Discussion Questions

(TESOL Worksheets-- Gerunds)
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[Freer production for a lesson on gerunds.  These questions are cut up, and posted around the room.  Students walk in pairs and discuss the questions.  The questions were taken from this website here--I've adjusted them somewhat.]

What do you always avoid doing until the last minute?

What are some things you enjoy doing every day? How about every week?

Is there anything you have stopped doing recently?

Think about your childhood. What activities do you miss doing?

What activities do you often discuss with your friends when you hang out with them?

What is something you are thinking of doing next year?

What is something you love doing, but don’t have enough time for?

Is there anything you have started doing recently?

What do you like doing on the weekend?

What is something you can’t stand doing? (can’t stand=hate)

Remembering to do things is sometimes hard. What is something you have a hard time remembering? (hard time= difficult)

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