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34 Most Beautiful Places in Oita Prefecture, Japan ,
Ajimu /安心院 ,
Aki / 安岐 ,
Amagase / 天瀬 ,
Angkor Wat (and Siem Reap) ,
Ballarat--Victoria, Australia ,
Beppu / 別府,
Bungo-Takada 豊後高田
Chiang Mai ,
Dandenong Ranges--Victoria, Australia ,
Dao Be (Little Island)--the small island off of Ly Son island in Quang Ngai ,
Hanoi and Halong Bay ,
Hiji / 日出 ,
Himeshima Island/ 姫島 ,
Hita / 日田 ,
Honyabakei/ 本耶馬溪 ,
Innai / 院内 ,
Kakaji / 香々地 ,
Kamae / 蒲江 ,
Kamiura / 上浦 ,
Kitsuki / 杵築 ,
Kokonoe / 九重 ,
Kunimi / 国見 ,
Kunisaki Town / 国東町,
Kusu / 玖珠 ,
Ly Son Island--Quang Ngai Province ,
Maetsue Village / 前津江 ,
Malaysia ,
Matama/真玉 ,
Melbourne ,
Mie / 三重 ,
Miyazaki ,
My Lai, Quang Ngai, Vietnam ,
Musashi / 武蔵 ,
Nakatsu 中津, Part 2,
Nakatsue Village / 中津江村,
Oita City / 大分市 ,
Ogata / 緒方 ,
Ota Village / 大田 ,
Oyama / 大山 ,
Saganoseki / 佐賀関 ,
Saigon and Mekong Delta ,
Saiki / 佐伯 ,
Sanko-Mura 三光
Taketa / 竹田 ,
Thach Nham Dam in Quang Ngai Province ,
Tokyo ,
Tsukumi / 津久見 ,
Tsurumi /  鶴見 ,
Usa  宇佐, Part 2,
Usuki / 臼杵 ,
Yabakei / 耶馬溪 ,
Yamaga / 山香 ,
Yamakuni / 山国 ,
Yonozu / 米水津村 ,
Yufuin/ 湯布院 , Part 2

I haven't been posting any photos from my trips for a long time.
This is because of the decision I made 10 years ago to separate my public blogging from my personal blogging.  My trips were my personal life, so they went on the personal blog.
But, I've been thinking about it, and I've decided there's nothing overly personal about posting photos from places you've visited.  It need not give away any information about your personal life, it just gives out geographic information.
So I'm going to try to start doing it again.
At the moment, I'm thinking I'm going to start doing it from this moment forward-- i.e. I'm not going to worry about all the trips I went on in the past 10 years that I didn't blog about.  We'll just consider those opportunities gone.  And I'll focus on trips I take in the present.
I've got a few pictures and videos from my latest trip to Quang Ngai province that I will be posting soon.
I'm going to start indexing my travelogues at the top of this post.
I'm starting with all my "Travels Through Oita Prefecture" posts, which I'm now repurposing as "Travelogues".   Plus I'm sneaking into the above index My Trip to Tokyo and My Trip to Miyazaki.

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