Monday, May 21, 2018

Reported Speech Crossword: am, is, are to was, were

(TESOL Worksheets--Reported Speech)
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[So, I already created one crossword for reported speech HERE. But, I recreated another one to align more closely with the textbook I was using.
I used this Crossword Puzzle to supplement English Word 6 p.33, in which the grammar point was only transforming reported speech from the present to the past, and only using the be-verbs.
In my class, I enlarged the crossword paper onto A3 to make it easier to write on.
I also cut the questions off, and posted them outside the room, to turn this into a running dictation.
The names in the sentences are all based off of the names of my students.  (It was fun for them to see their own names).  So it's all Vietnamese names, or their English nicknames. 
Other teachers wanting to use this activity can either re-write the names.  Or just use the same names.  (I wrote in whether it was a boy's name or a girl's name in each case.)

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