Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Human Bingo For Gerunds

(TESOL Worksheet--Gerunds)
Google: drive, docs, pub
[A standard Human Bingo game.  Similar to Find Someone Who.  Students need to walk around the class and find someone who can answer yes to the questions.  If they can get a yes, they can cross out a box.  They need 5 in a row to win.]

Find someone who…
is crazy about exercising
doesn’t like cooking
is addicted to checking their phone
is fond of driving fast
is worried about eating healthy
enjoys watching sports on TV
is afraid of failing their test
is good at playing soccer
likes reading books in their free time
hates doing their homework
is good at singing
is tired from working
likes swimming
enjoys listening to K-Pop
thinks that watching sports on TV is boring
is interested in volunteering
is afraid of getting in a car accident
loves wearing fancy clothes
enjoys watching movies
is obsessed with playing video games
hates writing long emails
loves spending time with their family
dreams about becoming famous
likes waking up early

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