Monday, May 07, 2018

So, half a year ago I blogged about the shutdown of the Cambodia Daily
Now it looks like it's the Phnom Penh Post's turn.

It makes sense I guess.  I always thought it was strange that they would only go after one of the 2 independent newspapers in Cambodia.  And now the other shoe has finally dropped.

There's a rather cryptic article on the Phnom Penh Post website.  The authors of the article were ordered to take it down, and they resigned instead.

In case anyone is confused by the article....
A few years back, another English language newspaper opened up in Cambodia called the Khmer Times.  It was so full of praise of non-stop praise for the government of Cambodia, that everyone was sure the owner must be somehow connected with the Cambodian government.
It was a Malaysian owner, but it turned out later he did have close ties to the Cambodian government.
Now the Phnom Penh Post is in the same sort of tax trouble that the Cambodia Daily was in last year.  And it appears they owner has resolved the situation by selling the paper to a pro-government Malaysian businessman.  At least I think that's the implication of the article.
Go read it while you still can before they take it down.

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