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Life Pre-Intermediate: Life Pre-Intermediate on Quizlet

(Supplemental Materials for Specific Textbooks--Life Pre-Intermediate)

Last year, I created quizlet quizzes to supplement several lessons from Life Pre-Intermediate textbook.  I started at the beginning of unit 4, and continued through to lesson 6E.
At which point I discontinued it.  It was taking way too much time to make all these quizzes, and very few students were actually doing it. 

However, even though I've stopped making new quizlets, I still re-use the old quizlets when I re-teach these units.  The students are given the quiz url before the class, and they are instructed to learn all the  vocabulary before coming into the next class.

I also created a handout to help explain the process, which I give to the students on the first day we start using quizlet.
Google: drive, docs, pub

Using quizlet

How will quizlet help me?
Before each class, the teacher will give you a set of vocabulary words to study.  All of these words will come directly from the textbook.  
For maximum benefit, you should study all of these words before the lesson.  
Learning these words will help you to better understand the lesson.

What if I miss a class and don’t get the handout?
All of the quizzes are available in the folder.

If you miss a class, just go to the folder and find the quiz for the next lesson.
Hey, there are a lot of words on these quizzes.  I can’t possibly do the whole thing.
Once you create an account and log into quizlet, quizlet will allow you to save your progress.  You don’t have to do all the words at once.  You can do some of them now, take a coffee break, and then come back and do some of them later.
Don’t be lazy! Remember, the key to learning a foreign language is mastering the vocabulary.  If you learn all the words in each quizlet, your English ability should increase tremendously.

How do I use Quizlet?
Step 1.  Log-in to quizlet.  (You can either sign in with your Facebook or Google account, or you can create your own quizlet account.)  You will need to log-in in order to save your scores for the various games.

Step 2. Go to the quizlet quiz for the next lesson

Step 3.  I recommend looking at the word list to familiarize yourself with the words first.

Step 4.  I recommend doing speller before learn.  Speller is super easy.  The computer will say the word, and you just type what you hear.

Step 5.  Click on learn.  Complete all the words.
If you’re logged in, quizlet will save your progress, so you don’t need to do all the words at one time.  You can do half of them now, and half of them the next day.

Step 6. Complete the test, and check your answers.

Now, you’re ready to play the games.  Try to get the highest score in the class.

Step 6.  Play scatter.  Did you get the top score?  If yes, brag to everyone you know.  Call your mom over to the computer and show her.  Do a victory dance.  Run around the house and tell everyone how great you are.  If no, try again to get a higher score.

Step 7.  Play gravity race.  Did you get the top score?  If yes, do everything the same as above. If no, try again to get a higher score.

All the quizlets are also listed below:

Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 p.48-49
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 p.50-51
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 Lesson 4d A Happy Ending p.52
Life Pre-Intermediate 4E A story of Survival p.53
Life Pre-Intermediate 4F Alaskan Ice-Climbing p.54-55
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 4 All Vocabulary
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 The Environment p.57
Life Pre-Intermediate 5A Recycling p.58-59
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 p.57 and 5A Combined
Life Pre-Intermediate 5B The Greendex p.60-61
Life Pre-Intermediate 5C A Boat Made of Bottles p.62-63
Life Pre-Intermediate 5d Online Shopping p.64
Life Pre-Intermediate 5E Problems with an order p.65
Life Pre-Intermediate 5F Coastal Clean-Up p.66-67
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 Review All Vocabulary
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 6 Stages in Life p.69
Life Pre-Intermediate 6A Changing Your Life p.70-71
Life Pre-Intermediate Unit 6 p.69 and 6A Combined
Life Pre-Intermediate 6B World Party p.72-73
Life Pre-Intermediate 6C Masai Rite of Passage p.74-75
Life Pre-Intermediate 6D An Invitation p.76
Life Pre-Intermediate 6E A Wedding in Madagascar p.77

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