Thursday, November 26, 2015

In, At, On Prepositions of Time--Doraemon PowerPoint Game

(TESOL Worksheets--Prepositions)

So, once-again, here is a PowerPoint game in which I can take no credit for the template or the questions, but I just want to preserve my work of filling in the boxes.
One of my co-workers recently downloaded a number of these PowerPoint templates from the Internet. (Apparently they come mostly from English Teachers working in South Korea.) This one is credited to Kyle Ludeke.  And all the questions come from English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (A).
There are several questions in which I think more than one answer is possible.  Although only one answer appears at the bottom of the screen, the teacher should use their discretion on a few of these to allow alternative answers.  
I've also allowed my American bias to change "at the weekend" to "on the weekend".
PowerPoint on Google: Drive, Slides, Pub

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