Monday, November 30, 2015

PowerPoint Presentation for IELTS Task 1 Describing a Process Writing

(TESOL Worksheets--IELTS Writing Task 1)

Since I posted several sample IELTS essays last December, I've been continuing to get good use out of these in my IELTS classes.
This is a PowerPoint I designed to supplement three of the essays on describing a process.  I used this for a 2 hour lesson in which the first half of the lesson was examining the three sample essays, and the second half of the lesson was working through the textbook: IELTS Express Upper-Intermediate Second Edition (A).

As such, the second half of the PowerPoint presentation makes references to pages from the IELTS Express Upper-Intermediate Second Edition textbook, and can't really stand as an independent activity.  But I've decided to post the whole presentation as is, on the theory that anyone not using the same textbook can easily delete the slides that they don't need.

The Presentation can be found at Google Drive, Slides, Pub.

Anyone not teaching out of IELTS Express Upper-Intermediate Second Edition should delete the title slide (slide 1), and then everything after slide 32.

The three sample essays that are meant to be included with this lesson can be found here, here and here and are also embedded below.

I also designed a worksheet to help guide the students through their writing.  This is of interest only to someone using the IELTS Express Upper-Intermediate Second Edition, but it can be found on Google Drive, Docs, Pub.

One more note: the information on the PowerPoint about the frequency of Describing a Process questions on the IELTS test comes from an informal conversation with a colleague.  (He'd probably be horrified to know I had actually quoted him on it).  And so it should be taken with the appropriate amount of salt.