Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Card Game for Comparative Adjectives

(TESOL Worksheets--Comparative Adjectives)

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Directions: Similar to the card game Uno.  The students are put in groups of 3 or 4.  The cards are dealt out.  Each student gets 7 cards, the remainder of the cards are placed in the draw pile.  A card is turned over from the draw pile.
Proceeding clockwise, students have to try to make a sentence with one of their cards and the card on the top of the pile which incorporates a comparative adjective.  They can use the comparative forms " than...., more.... than....) or they can use the .... is/are as,  is/arenot
So, for example, if the first card is "snake", a student must try to make a sentence with another one of their noun cards: "a cat is bigger than a snake", "a snake is more dangerous than a cat", "A cat is not as long as a snake" etc.
With a little bit of creativity, almost any card can be linked to any other card.  But students also have the option of drawing from the draw pile if they can't think of any sentences with their existing cards.
Play then proceeds to the next player.
As with Uno, the first player to get rid  of all their cards is the winner.
In my own classroom, I used this game to supplement Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook 3B Animal Transport p.36-37.

a snake

a cat

a car

the teacher

I / me

my friend

a horse

a policeman


my dad

my mom

my school



my mobile phone

my house

an apple

the president

a dog

a truck

my textbook

a doll

a bicycle

a clown

a rabbit

an elephant

a soccer ball

a fish

a pizza

an apple

a tiger

a soldier

a farmer

my classmate

a chair

a table

a lion

a mouse

a shark

a camel

a boat

a computer

a cowboy


an airplane

a bird

a television


a doctor

a child

a teenager

a monkey

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