Friday, December 09, 2016

An Interesting Video

I think I tweeted out a link to this video months ago (although I can't find the tweet now).  But I've started watching it again, and I've decided it's interesting enough that I'm going to link it off the blog as well.

Both speakers are not without their flaws.
I'm probably more sympathetic to Cenk Uygur, although he clearly doesn't understand the issues as well as Sam Harris does.
Sam Harris is an incredibly careful and analytic thinker, but also has a self-assuredness that tends towards arrogance.

And yet between the two of them, there's a very interesting conversation to be had.  Sam Harris careful precise thought is balanced out by Cenk Uygur's flamboyance, and although I agree with neither of them in full, I thought a lot of interesting points were made along the way.

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