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English World 4 Unit 5 Reading p.56-58

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--English World 4)

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Quizlet: drive, docs, pub

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

J4A Reading p.56-57

alive, army, attack, attacked, ballet, battle, called,
came alive, change, change into, changed, changed into, character, come alive, country, dream, evil

Match the words to the definitions

1. come alive (V2)_________________

2. change into (V2)_________________

3. the pictures you see when you are asleep_________________

4. to fight against_________________

5. very bad_________________

6. to be something different_________________

7. attack (V2)_________________

8. make different_________________

9. change (V2)_________________

10. a land _________________

11. a fight between two armies_________________

12. having a name_________________

13. to start being alive_________________

14. the people in a story, play or film_________________

15. a large number of fighters_________________

16. living_________________

Match the words to the sentences

17. This snail isn’t moving, but it’s _________________.

18. There are many soldiers in the king’s  _________________.

19. When an egg hatches, the chick  _________________.

20. The king’s army won the _________________.

21. The lions  _________________ the zebra.

22. _________________ dancers wear special shoes.

23. My sister is _________________Bella.

24. My drawing is terrible, so I’m going to   _________________it.

25. A chick will _________________a hen.

26. In my  _________________I changed into a huge rabbit.

27. The  _________________man stole all the old lady’s money.

28. I live in England. Which  _________________do you live in?

29. The Wolf is a  _________________in Red Riding Hood.

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