Monday, March 17, 2014

Present Simple Versus Present Continuous Function

[Use with younger students.  A guided activity to get students to discover different functions of the present simple and present continuous.]

Present Simple.                                                                                               
I, You, We, They
He, She, Gavin, Jess

Present Continuous
You, They, 2 people
He, She, It, Gavin

Present Simple
Present Continuous
1. I sleep every night for 8 hours.
1.  Shhh! Susan is sleeping now.
2. I walk to school every morning.
2. I'm walking to school now.
3. I often travel to Thailand.
3. I'm travelling in Thailand at the moment.
4. I usually eat fish for dinner.
4. I am eating fish for dinner now.
5. I visit my grandmother every week.
5. I am visiting my grandmother today.
6. I live in Phnom Penh.
6. I am staying in Kampot for this week.
7. I usually take a shower twice a day.
7. Marie can't talk on the phone.  She is taking a shower now.
8. I use the computer a lot.
8.  I'm using the computer at the moment.
9. We learn a lot of interesting things at school.
9. We are learning about history now.
10. I do Karate every weekend.
10.  I am doing Karate now.
When do we use the present simple?
When do we use the present continuous?
Put the words into the different categories.  Which words are used with the present simple?  Which words are used with the present continuous
Now, every night, at the moment, this week, twice a day, every weekend, often, usually, every morning, a lot, today
Present Simple
Present Continuous

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