Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Review
          Our culture is so obsessed with success stories, it’s easy to forget that the feel- good-succeed-against-all-odds typical Hollywood drama represents the rare exception, and not the rule.  The story of struggling and failing is probably more representative of the human condition.
            This is a film that caused me to reflect a bit, and I suppose that’s never a bad thing.  Although I’m not sure how much I’d recommend it for entertainment value.
            On the other hand, the references to 1960s folk music scene were pretty cool.

Other Things I’d Talk About If I Weren’t Limiting Myself to 100 Words
* I didn’t live through the early 1960s, but I suspect some of the language is anachronistic

Rating :
5 out of 10 Stars.  (Another movie that’s difficult to rate--I give this movie 8 for artistic value, 3 for watchability, and so I’ll split the difference with 5).

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External Links/ Why I Watched this movie
* This article explaining all the real life folk musicians the movie references is essential reading after viewing the film.  (Incidentally, stumbling upon this article is the main reason I bothered to check out this movie in the first place.)

Link of the Day 
Noam Chomsky (1995) "Prospects for World Order"

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