Saturday, March 08, 2014

Writing Evaluation sheet

(TESOL Worksheets--Research Essay for English for Academic Purposes Students)
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 [Use with EAP or other high level classes to evaluate their essays.  This is designed to go together with the self-editing check list.]

3rd Draft Evaluation Sheet:
Task 1: Singular Plural

Task 2: Articles

Task 3: Subject Verb Agreement

Task 4: Verb Tenses

Task 5: Active/ Passive Verbs

Task 6: Parts of speech

Task 7: Paragraph structure
Does each paragraph have a paragraph leader which tells the reader what the main idea of the paragraph is?  Yes / No

Task 8: Readability.

 --Does the main essay effectively answer the discussion assignment?  Yes/ No
--If not, does the writer need to add further information or examples to make a point clearer?
---Are there at least two sources?  Yes/ No
            If yes, is at least one source from outside the classroom?  Yes/ No
--Are the sources referenced in the appropriate format? Yes/ No

Common/ Reoccurring Mistakes

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