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Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook 12E Good News p.149

(Supplemental Materials for Specific Textbooks--Life Pre-Intermediate)

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Press Release (docs, pub)
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What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘zoo’?

What are the good things and bad things about zoos?

What is the most famous zoo in the world?

Do you think animals know they are in zoos?

What are your earliest memories of a zoo?

What purpose do zoos serve?

Would you like to work in a zoo?

Do you think their should be human exhibits in zoos, living in caged houses?

What happens in a zoo at night and the early hours of the morning?

Would you like to study zoology?

Do you like zoos?

What was the last news story you heard about a zoo?

What would happen if all the zoo animals escaped into the town?

Do you feel sorry for the animals in zoos?

Have you ever felt like you were in a zoo?

Which is better - a zoo or an aquarium?

What happens to the animals that die in zoos?

Why do you think kids love zoos so much?

What’s the best thing to buy from the zoo gift shop?

Imagine you work for the zoo.  Read the following news article that describes an event that happened to your zoo.  Is this good news, or bad news for your organization?

Tigers Escape Zoo In New York

Two tigers escaped from the New York State Zoo the other day.  Apparently a zoo keeper forget to lock the cage after feeding time.
The tigers have been running through the city, chasing old ladies, and eating some small children.
Police have been contacted, but have not been able to catch the tigers yet.  “The problem with tigers is that they are so fast,” one officer was quoted as saying.  “I got out of my car and started chasing the tiger, but it ran so fast I couldn’t catch it.  Then I got back into my car, and tried to drive after the tiger, but the stupid thing wouldn’t stay on the road.  It kept running through parks and jumping over benches.  I can never catch this thing in my car.”
We asked the police if they had any advice for the residents of New York, and we were told, “Tigers love to eat small children, so it’s probably best if you keep all your children inside.  And we recommend for the next few days that you avoid walking around the city.”

Write a press release for the zoo.  Even though the news is bad, try to choose positive words to make it sound like it’s good news.

We are delighted to announce that two of our beautiful tigers made a fantastic escape from their cages last night.  They can be seen in the wonderful city of New York where they are
  • doing a wonderful job of chasing old ladies


Write a press release describing what happened.

Use 5 bullet points.


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