Friday, October 07, 2016

Despite being an agnostic, I believe the Bible should be studied in public schools.  (You can not understand Western literature or Western history without a thorough knowledge of the Bible.)
In this respect, I suppose I'm willing to make common cause with Christian conservatives who want to bring more Bible education into public education.

One thing that sticks in my memory, however, was one of my education professors at Calvin College explaining that the religious right were actually the ones keeping religious studies out of public schools, because they were demanding that they controlled how religion was presented, and they were causing so much fuss that it was easier for administrators just to nix religious studies all together.

I thought of that discussion again when I saw this video.

The Christian conservatives don't realize they are their own worst enemy.  This kind of attitude is exactly the reason we can't have religious education in public schools.  It's not Richard Dawkins and the secularists who are keeping religious studies out of the schools, it's the religious people themselves.

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