Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From Uproxx.com:
A Furious Trevor Noah Tears Apart Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ AKA Brags Of Sexual Assault

The video linked to above is well-worth watching.  But I'd like to add one additional observation that I'm surprised more people haven't been saying:

The issue is not "the talk" .  The issue is that Donald Trump was claiming that these were actions he had done.

I don't know---maybe I haven't been reading the right articles.  I'm sure somewhere out there other people have already been making this point.  But I'm surprised I don't see this point being made more often.  With all the focus on "the locker room talk" aspect of the controversy or how Donald Trump claimed in the debates that these were "just words and not actions", why aren't more people pointing out that they are, in fact, actions that he claimed to have done that he was bragging about in his talk?

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