Monday, October 17, 2016

Random Thought of the Day
What does Hillary actually stand for?
I mean, take away all the "At least she's not as bad as..." out of the equation, and someone remind me why anyone should vote for her.   What has she promised us?  What issues is she campaigning on?

Random Thought #2
Actually, while I'm at it, what does Donald Trump stand for?
I mean, I know what he used to stand for.  He used to stand for building the wall, and keeping Muslims out.
But he and his campaign have pretty much walked all that back now, right?  So what does he stand for now?

Random Thought #3
When historians write about the 2016 Presidential Election, what are they going to say about the issues that motivated the election?
Or are they just going to say that the whole thing was a contest between which candidate had less scandals?

At this point, it's just a contest between which candidate has the least scandals, isn't it?


Darrell Reimer said...

I can't believe the justifications I'm reading from very intelligent people voting one way or the other, but I tend to think the wishful thinking is especially high for smart people projecting on Trump (I'm thinking specifically of this guy -- who offers a fairly cogent criticism of the status quo. The only characteristic he shares with Trump, however, is not cogent analysis, but a blanket contempt for those currently wielding power). My own analysis is affected by my biases, of course. I'm still furious with the Dems for getting behind Hillary, but I do finally prefer the office go to someone with experience among politicos, rather than the crass populist.

Joel Swagman said...

It was very apparent from the last debate that there was only one adult in the room. So to me it's no contest--I'm voting for Hillary. I just with the election was about issues.