Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Life Upper Intermediate: 1C Bloodlines p.14-15

(Supplementary Material for Specific Textbooks--Life Upper Intermediate)

Lead-in (docs, pub) lead-in questions taken from here

Why do people immigrate to other countries?

Is immigration from one country to another a problem? In what ways do you see it as a problem?

Do you know any immigrants?

Do you think that immigrants are treated well in most countries?

Is local culture threatened by immigration?

How far should immigrants retain their culture?

Do immigrants have a good or bad reputation in your part of the country?

Should students be allowed to wear clothes with cultural or religious symbolism at school?

Do you know anyone that is married to an immigrant?

Do you know any people who have emigrated from your country?

Would you ever think of emigrating? Why would you think of emigrating?

What would be some of the issues that would concern you about emigrating?

Are there a lot of immigrants in your community?

Do immigrants in your community isolate themselves into a certain area?

Should immigrants be required to learn the local language?

How would you help an immigrant learn the local language?

How would you encourage children of immigrants to become bilingual by maintaining the original language and becoming fluent in the local language?

Should immigrants be educated in their original language or the local language?

To what extent should official documents be written in several languages to accommodate immigrants?

How does immigration affect the economic situation in your community?

To what extent has the culture of your community become richer by immigrants?

How is your community incorporating immigrants into the life of the community?

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