Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IELTS Express Intermediate Second Edition Unit 5 Speaking p.47-49

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Intermediate)

Board Race (docs, pub)
Slideshow for Board Race Feedback (slides, pub)

Board Race.  There are 8 questions.  All of the questions are from pages 47, 48, and 49.  Work as a team to find the answers in your book.  Then write the answer on the board.  Only one team member may go up to the board at a time.  You may not bring this piece of paper or your textbook with you to the board.  The first team to get the correct answers to all 8 questions up on the board will get a prize.

1. Express your opinions, and support and justify your ideas.  In other words, tell the examiner _______ _______ _______  and _______  _______  _______  _______ .

2.  In part 2 of the exam, you talked about your personal experiences, while in Part 3 you are asked to give your _______ _______  on subjects which are _______ and _______ in nature.

3.  In order to buy time, you can use language fillers such as _______ , _______  and _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

4.  There are several types of Speaking part 3 questions, including: give your opinion, compare and contrast, _______ , _______  or _______ .

5.  Try to sound _______

6.  What should you provide to support your opinions?

7. Speaking Part 3 will be topics related to what?

8.  How long does speaking part 3 usually last?


  1. what you think, why you think it

  1. personal opinion, academic, theoretical

  1. well…., mmm…., it’s difficult to say but...

  1. hypothesize, speculate, or evaluate

  1. interested

  1. examples

  1. the topic you spoke on in speaking part 2

  1. four to five minutes

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