Thursday, October 13, 2016

The AVclub reviews Donald Trump's book: The Art of the Deal and declares:
Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal is an awful book about a terrible man

I've also given out harsh reviews of Donald Trump books--way back in 2005.
I read (or rather listened to the audio book) of How to Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump in 2005.

I had borrowed the audio book from a friend because I thought it would be useful for me in learning how to manage my money better.  (After all, the book was subtitled: Everything You Need to Know about Success, Real Estate, and Life).
I was disappointed, then, to find out that the book contained absolutely no useful information, and the whole book was nothing more than just Donald Trump bragging about how great he was.

My original 2005 review of the book is here.  I'll quote myself briefly below:

Boy is that Donald Trump guy an asshole! I didn't learn a single useful thing from his book. The whole thing is just him talking about how great he is. And I mean the whole book is like that.

In fact, almost every paragraph contains in it something that evokes the memory of Monty Burns writing his autobiography. “In closing, dear reader, I would like to thank you. ‘What’s that?’ you say. A misprint? Me thank you? Yes, for you see, I have enjoyed writing this book almost as much as you have enjoyed reading it.” I’m quoting from memory, but it’s something like that, isn't it?

That, added to the fact that the guy who they got to read the book for the CD sounds amazingly like Troy McClure, makes the book an excellent parody of itself. Once I clued into that, I really enjoyed it a lot more.

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