Thursday, November 24, 2016

Possessive Pronouns Crossword puzzle

(TESOL Worksheets--Possessive Pronouns)
(In my class, I used this to supplement English World 3 Unit 12
Before class, teacher cuts up and scrambles all the words.  In pairs, student re-assemble words into various sentences.

Question Sheet on Google Drive

Answer Key on Google Drive

Questions to cut up and post around the room: docs, pub

1. Across→
This is my dog.
2. Across→
This is our dinner.
7. Across→
This is your cookie.
8. Across→
This is their car.
9. Across→
This is her cat.
10. Across→
This is our house.
11. Across→
This is his coffee.

1. Down↓
This is their monkey.
3. Down↓
This is my toy.
4. Down↓
This is your money.
5. Down↓
This is his baby.
6. Down↓
This is her hat.

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