Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Obligatory Post Election Blog Post: Part 1--Boy I Did Not See that Coming

Since I started this blog way back in 2003, it's been a tradition for me to write long blog posts after each Presidential Election.
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If I'm being completely honest, I had already started to mentally compose this post in my head weeks ago.  I was SO sure that Clinton was going to win, that I had already started to compose little pieces of the post-election moratorium in my head.
I was going to talk about what an interesting election it had been, but also how this election went from being interesting to just being exhausting.  And I was going to say that I thought we were all suffering from election burnout by about October.
And speaking of how exhausting this election has been, I was going to complain about how long it was (essentially two years) and how the media coverage had turned the whole thing into a 2 year long reality show instead of focusing on any of the issues, and I was going to say that we can't keep doing this in the future.

And then I was going to talk about Donald Trump, and explore the Fascist question (i.e.--were liberals over-reacting, or were there really elements of Fascism in his campaign?)  And then I was going to complain about how Donald Trump's crazy campaign had essentially forced us liberals to support the establishment candidate.  And I was going to complain about how little Hillary offered us progressives.
But then I would end on an optimistic note by saying that despite all my complaints about Hillary, it was something to have finally broken the gender barrier, and FINALLY have elected our first woman president.

That whole post is out the window now, and instead something I never thought possible has happened instead.  And I've got to start organizing my thoughts on a new post.

It's not that I have any lack of things to say about this.  It's that I have too many things to say, and they probably won't fit nicely into one post.  So I'm going to turn this into a series of mini-posts rather than put it into one long post.
Stay tuned for more.

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