Sunday, November 27, 2016

Life Intermediate: 2B Dance Across America p.24-25

(Supplemental Materials for Specific Textbooks--Life Intermediate)

Lead-in: docspub (Lead-in questions taken from here).

Do you like dancing?

How important is dancing in your culture?

How often do you dance?

What kinds of dancing can we see in your country?

Do you like dancing in discos?

Do you have any early memories of dancing?

Why do people like to dance?

Do you ever go to see dance performances?

What dances from other countries do you like?

Are you good at dancing?

Is there a national dance in your country?

Are there any famous dancing groups in your country?

Do you think being a professional dancer would be a good job?

Do you like movies about dancing?

What kind of music do you think is good to dance to?

Do you prefer dancing alone or with other people?

What do you think of ballet?

Do you ever dance in the streets at festivals?

Have you seen or taken part in dances that tell a story?

What is the difference between a good dancer and a bad dancer?

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