Monday, November 07, 2016

IELTS Express Intermediate Second Edition Unit 6 Writing p.54-57

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Intermediate)

Treasure Hunt: drivedocspub
Treasure Hunt Feedback on PowerPoint: driveslidespub

1.  What percentage of your total writing score is task 1?
2.  How long should you spend on task 1?
3.  What is the minimum amount of words that you should write for task 1?
4.  In task 1, you are sometimes asked to describe more than one graph.  TRUE/FALSE
5.  In Task 1 of the Academic module, you are presented with ____________________ information.

6.  You should describe every small change in the graph.  TRUE/FALSE
7.  What are 3 expressions you can use when predicting future changes?
8.  Remember to support your general observations with what?
9.  You should use a variety of language to describe trends.  TRUE/FALSE
10.  Who should you imagine is reading your task 1 essay?  A friend?  Your mother?  A university professor?  A stern father?  A star-crossed lover?  Your sworn enemy?  Justin Bieber?
Treasure Hunt  
The teacher has hidden 10 questions outside of the classroom.  See if you can find and answer the questions.  The first team to finish will get a prize.
All the questions come from pages 54, 55, 56, and 57 of your textbook, so make sure you take your textbooks with you.  The answers to some questions may be the same.



3. _____________________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________________________________________

7. A)_____________________________________________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________________________________________

10. _____________________________________________________________________________

1.  One third
2.  One third of your time—or 20 minutes
3.  150 words
4.  TRUE
5.  visual
7.  is predicted to
  is expected to
are likely to
8. specific examples
9.  TRUE
10.  A university professor

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