Sunday, November 13, 2016

A couple different articles recently that caught my eye:

One describing an Interview with Mike Pence on November 10
Pence Promises Supporters That LGBTQ Rights Will Be FIRST To Go

And one from
Donald Trump Says He’ll Immediately Deport Two To Three Million Undocumented Immigrants

The ironic thing about both these announcements is that they came at a time when Trump supporters can't possibly understand why people are protesting:
"Time to get your big boy pants on," Trump supporters are saying.  "We won the election, now you have to get over it.  We hated it just as much when Obama won, but we didn't protest. blah blah blah blah."  (I'm quoting from memory, but I think this is just about verbatim from several comments I've seen on Facebook from Trump supporters).

Guys, when you promise to take away the rights of a whole group of people, or when you promise to kick another whole group out of the country, then you have to expect people to protest.
Yes, I get it, you won.  But these groups are not going to go like lambs to the slaughter.  The gay people are not going to be like, "Well, fair enough, you won, I guess you can take away my rights now."  The undocumented workers are not going to be like, "Yep, fair enough.  Send me away from my family.  You won fair and square."

This is still America.  If you run a campaign on these type of issues, this is the price you pay come election day.


I generally try and avoid getting caught up in debates in Facebook comments.  (I save my venting for this blog instead.)  But I couldn't resist this one.  One of my friends was supporting the protests on Facebook, and someone else wrote in:
Does the country and your love for it have any value here ?
To which I wrote in:

But you only get to play the "let's all come together for the country" card when you present a view of the country that includes everyone. When you run a campaign that says "all of these people are drug-dealers and we're going to deport them" and "all of those people are terrorists and we're going to register them" then you can't expect those people to just sit back quietly. They're scared 

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