Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Fabulae Story: I worked on this story, somewhat on and off, from 9th grade all the way through 12th grade
Literary Endeavors:  All my other Stories from childhood
Youth Group Bike Trip (composite of 5 years of High school)
12th Grade Senior Chapel Speech,
Year Book Pictures ,
Etruscan War: 12th Grade Forensics Speech 1996
A Tale of Two Cities 1996
The Black Panthers 1996
High School Play: West Side Story ,
The Real Catiline 1995
Mutiny in Pannonia: 11th Grade Forensics Speech 1995
Japanese Exchange Student 11th Grade ,
Foundation by Isaac Asimov Book Report 1994
Eagle Eye Articles: Language Department Not Diverse Enough December 1994
Caligula March 25, 1994
Robert E. Lee: Anything but the South's Savior: Unfinished November 1993
Free Writing 10/26/93 ,
Letter to the School Board: 10th Grade English October 8, 1993
10th Grade High School English Assignment: Letter to a Friend ,
10th Grade Essay: Divine Intervention ,
Star Trek Comic Books ,
Trojan War (9th Grade Essay)
Confimation Sunday: Spring 1992 ,
What Do We Believe About the Bible? 1992
Science Olympiad Photos: 8th Grade ,
8th Grade Essay: Trip to the Beach ,
7th Grade: What I did this weekend,
7th Grade Free Writing: Family stories ,
Sept. 5, 1990 "What I did this summer"
5th Grade Essay: Middle School
Star Trek 4th Grade Report ,
2nd Grade Essay: Challenger Explosion,
Second grade Journal: Halloween, Indians ,
Second grade photos: Karate,
Childhood Home Movies,

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