Monday, January 30, 2017

So, I find that this meme is all over conservative Facebook today.  (Just this morning I've encountered it multiple times now from various conservative friends).

And I get that everyone has their bias.  From my conservative friends' perspective, a lot of my characterizations of the religious right probably come off as ignorant or unrepresentative.

But that being said, seriously, this is ignorant and unrepresentative.

The implied slur (as if I needed to spell it out for you) is that the Left cares about illegal immigrants and refugees but doesn't care about homeless veterans.

It's of course ridiculous on the face of it, because caring for one issue does not automatically make you uncaring about another.
By the same argument, after the big pro-life rally last week, I could have said to conservatives:  "Gee, I wish some of you cared as much about protecting America from terrorism as much as you do about protecting unborn fetuses."  Just because people are out in support of one issue does mean you can automatically assume that all of them are neglecting another issue.

But even more than that, this is ridiculous is because caring for the homeless has always been more of a liberal issue than a conservative issue.

Okay, granted, in the last election cycle, nobody on either side talked much about the homeless at all.  But historically, the liberals have always been the ones pushing for more programs to take care of the homeless, and the Republicans have always been advocating cutting these programs.  In fact, the reason that so many Vietnam Veterans were homeless and out on the streets in the 1980s was because of Ronald Reagan.   [LINK HERE] And it was the Democrats who have been complaining about the homeless problem for the last 30 years.

Plus just for the record, the protests and furor this past weekend were not about illegal immigrants, but legal immigrants and green card holders

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