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IELTS Task 1 Teacher Feedback Form

(TESOL Worksheets--IELTS Task 1)

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This is the third in my series in my attempts to turn IELTS task 1 writing into process writing.  It follows from the self-editing checklist, and the peer-editing checklist.

In addition to the checklist, this is supplemented by me going through the actual essay with a red pen.  At this stage in the process, I do not make explicit corrections or error code. I only use 3 kinds of marks.  I underline ____________ if there is something that needs to be fixed.  I put in a caret symbol (^) if something is missing.  And I write in question marks (??) if anything is unclear.  

More detailed feedback is provided on the next draft.  (This follows the process I outlined in a previous post.)

Student name: ____________________________

IELTS Task 1: Teacher Feedback (1st Form)

First sentence:

Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Did you write a brief introduction using the information from the question and the heading?

Did you cover all the important information?

Did you include the categories?  
(Note: For graphs or tables with less than 8 categories, try to include the categories, preferably in brackets.)

Did you paraphrase the vocabulary?

Did you change the sentence structure?


Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Did you include an overview?

Does your overview include all the key features of the graph?  
(Note: Normally this will be somewhere between 2 and 5).

Does your overview begin with a signal word (such as “overall”) to help the examiner recognize that this is an overview?


Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Is your essay divided into clear paragraphs (with line breaks in between the paragraphs)?

Do you have a separate paragraph for your introduction?

Do you have at least two separate paragraphs for your body?

Paragraphing Structure:

Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Does each body paragraph start with a clear topic sentence, which give the main idea of the paragraph?

Does every other sentence in the paragraph relate to the main idea in the topic sentence?

Is the topic sentence supported by supporting ideas and examples?

Are all of your verbs in the correct tense?
Great Job
Needs to be fixed


Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Did you correctly choose the active or passive verb for each sentence?

In passive verbs, did you remember to use the “be +V3” form?

If the verb is not in the passive or continuous tense, you do not need to use a "be" verb.  Check to make sure there are no extra “be” verbs in your essay.

Parts of speech

Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Are all the words being correctly used as the appropriate part of speech?

Opinions and outside information

Great Job
Needs to be fixed
Remember, an IELTS task 1 essay should contain no personal opinions, no speculating, and no outside information.  (Task 2 will have opinions, but not task 1).  

Good job
Too short (You must write at least 150 words, or you will lose points)
Too long (You won’t lose any points if your essay is too long, but in the exam you will lose valuable time.)

Error coding:
At this stage, you will get only 3 types of error coding.  You will get more detailed feedback on your next draft.
On your essay, the teacher will make the following marks:

______________ Underlining.  If you see something underlined, it means that there is a problem.  At this stage, it is up to you to try to find out what the problem is.

???? Question marks.  Question marks means that the teacher does not understand what you mean.

^ : This mark means you have something missing from your sentence.  It could be one word, or several words.

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