Thursday, January 12, 2017

IELTS Express Upper Intermediate Second Edition Unit 3 Reading p.32-36

(Supplementary Materials for Specific Textbooks--IELTS Express Upper Intermediate)

Board Race: drive, docs, pub
PowerPoint for Feedback on Board Race: drive, slides, pub
PowerPoint for Feedback on pages 35-36: drive, slides, pub

Board Race.  There are 10 questions.  All of the questions are from pages 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36.  Work as a team to find the answers in your book.  Then write the answer on the board.  Only one team member may go up to the board at a time.  You may not bring this piece of paper or your textbook with you to the board.  The first team to get the correct answers to all 10 questions up on the board will get a prize.
1. When completing the label, be aware of  __________ — some words are correct in terms of meaning, but do not fit __________.
2. Keep in mind that the labels on the diagram are generally ordered in a __________ direction, which will NOT necessarily __________.
3. Unless you are given a vocabulary box with a list of words to choose from, make sure you take words __________.  DO NOT __________ in your answer.
4. Focus not just on what  the answer is but on __________ the answer is.
5. CLASSIFICATION: the categories will be listed in an order, usually chronologically or alphabetically.  The statements will probably NOT __________.
6. TABLE COMPLETION: Before consulting the passage for an answer, take a moment to understand how __________ and what __________.
7. CLASSIFICATION: Often, there is more than one statement in the question that has a connection with the category, but only one statement will match it __________.
8. There are many different types of questions you may encounter in the reading test, but most of them can be classified into three main groups:
____________ which include classification, or matching headings to paragraphs
__________ which include table completion, summary completion, labelling a diagram and sentence completion
__________which include multiple choice or True/False/Note Given

9. Identifying which paragraph contains the answer will help you locate the information __________
10. TABLE COMPLETION: Follow the instructions carefully, especially regarding __________.
1. grammatical connections, grammatically
2. clockwise direction, reflect the order the information appears in the passage
3. directly from the text, try to think of synonyms
4. where
5. match the order in which they are mentioned in the passage
6. the information is organised, is required to answer each question
7. exactly
8. matching tasks, gap-fill tasks, selection tasks
9. more quickly
10. the maximum number of words permitted in the answer

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