Sunday, March 06, 2016

ESL Conversation Questions: Food

[In an effort to keep track of useful materials--so I can find it again when I need it--I'm collecting links to stuff that I've had good luck with using in class. I'm indexing it, along with my own materials, over here and here and here. ]

These conversations can probably stand as a speaking activity in their own right.
In my case, however, I used them to supplement the review activities for Life Elementary Unit 5.  (All of the lessons in unit 5 are related to food in some way.)

I used a slightly different format than the website linked to above.  I made them into cards, and did short 1 minute conversations with them.  The class formed an outer and an inner circle.  Each pair was given one set of shuffled cards. They flipped over the first card on the stack, and talked about it while I timed the whole class for one minute.  Then at the end of the time, the partner on the inside of the circle moved one space clockwise, and with their new partner flipped over a new card, and began again.
My card version is here: (drive, docs, pub)

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