Friday, March 16, 2018

Hotel Complaint Cards

(TESOL Worksheets--Speaking)
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[A speed dating-esque conversation game.  Students are put into pairs.  One is the hotel staff, the other is the customer.  They are given a deck of cards.  They turn over the card to see the complaint, and then have to enact the conversation.  They are given one minute (on a timer), and then at the end of the minute, the buzzer goes off, and they have to change seats to find a new partner, and discuss a new card.
I used this to supplement Life Elementary Textbook 11E Your Feedback p.137.  But I think it could also work for a general speaking lesson.
Before doing this activity, I first introduced my students to the useful phrases for complaining found at Tim's Free English Lesson Plans. ]

There’s a cockroach in your room.
The Wi-Fi is too slow.
The room is not clean.
The room next door is being noisy.
The food is bad.

The room is too hot.
The television isn’t working.
The staff is rude.
The bill is wrong.
You think the cleaning staff has stolen something.

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