Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some sad news.  From the Phnom Penh Post: Cambodian Space Project singer Kak Channthy, the soaring voice of the Khmer rock revival, dies at 38

I saw the Cambodian Space Project in concert a couple times during my years in Cambodia.  And really liked them.
Like Dengue Fever, Cambodian Space Project was heavily influenced by the 1960s Khmer pop-scene, and a lot of their songs were either covers of the 1960s classics, or inspired by them.  (As someone who likes oldies myself, I dug their groove.)
Sad to hear the news. other news, the Phnom Penh Post itself may not be long for this world. 
Phnom Penh Post 'facing closure' after huge tax bill Media clampdown not seen in Cambodia since the early 1970s continues as another newspaper hits trouble

It looks like the Phnom Penh Post may be heading the way of the Cambodian Daily.  (...or not.  The Phnom Penh Post itself seems to think the panic is overblown.)

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