Monday, February 05, 2018

I've been hating this new Han Solo Prequel ever since the idea was first announced.

I hate prequels as a matter of principle.

Rogue One I was willing to give a pass to, because it was at least a cool idea.

But a Han Solo prequel?  That has got to be the laziest, most brain dead idea Disney ever came up with.

Recently I tweeted out a Forbe's article which I agreed with: Why I Want "Solo: A Star Wars Story" to Fail

...but then, after seeing the two trailers released yesterday, I'm beginning to think maybe it looks kind of cool after all.  I'm thinking maybe I might want this movie to be great after all.

I don't know.  So conflicted.
Tune-in in 3 months time for my review and see how I end up feeling about it.


Whisky Prajer said...

Solo is such a great character -- my favourite character in the first two movies, really -- that I have no trouble giving the Mouse permission to go ahead with this particular prequel (along with possible subsequent Solo flicks). Not that I have high hopes. Given the talent involved, though, it should be slightly better than middling entertainment, which is good enough for this franchise.

This is pretty cool news, though.

Joel Swagman said...

Interesting. I also love Han Solo's character, which is precisely the reason I DIDN'T want a prequel, and I especially didn't want anyone other than Harrison Ford playing Han Solo.

...but, the trailers look good, so... who knows!

Thanks for the link. That is pretty cool news. I hadn't heard before.

When Disney first announced they would have a new Star Wars universe film every other year, I thought "awesome", then, when they announced such brain dead ideas as a Han Solo prequel and a Boba Fett prequel, I thought "Ah crap. They're out of ideas."

But, now that we're getting this, and the new Rian Johnson trilogy, it looks like maybe they're finding some fresh ideas after all.